About Fr James Valladares

Fr. James ValladaresFr. James Valladares, PhD is a diocesan priest and an educational and counselling psychologist who is presently serving the archdiocese of Adelaide, South Australia.

This is his Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee (1968 – 2018). The first twenty years were spent in serving the archdiocese of Bombay (now Mumbai), India; and the next thirty years in serving the archdiocese of Adelaide, South Australia.

A graduate in Psychology, Fr. Valladares went on to secure a Master’s Degree in Educational and Counselling Psychology and a Doctorate in Marriage Counselling. For ten years he served as a Lecturer in Psychology at the under-graduate level at St. Andrew’s College, Bombay (Mumbai), India.

Fr. Valladares has successfully concluded a post-doctoral Research Study on Psychology, Religion and Healing, strikingly demonstrating that ALL involved in the Healing Ministry are working together as a team, in God’s Providence, to eliminate a common enemy – disease; and to promote the ideal proposed by the Greatest Healer this world has ever known, Christ Jesus: “…that they may have life and in abundance.”

In the recent past, he successfully completed a Research Study entitled Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast, in which he has clearly and painstakingly outlined the all-important process of pursuing Procedural Justice of Priests – Diocesan and Religious.

He has written many books including:

  • Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast: A Research Study on Procedural Justice for Priests—Diocesan and Religious
  • HOPE for the Hopeless, HELP for the Helpless
  • A Winning Loser – a Psycho-Religious Inspirational Guide for Every Potential Winner
  • The Beatitudes – the Happy Attitudes

Some of his other published works include A Series of Sermons on the Sundays of the Liturgical Years (A, B, & C), and six booklets in the form of letters for young couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage, parents with infant children, adolescent children, and young adults. These are available with St. Paul’s Publications (http://www.stpaulsbyb.com – Marketing: stpaulsmarketing@gmail.com)

To view the complete list of his publications go to this page here.

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